Chrysalis Developmental Homes, Inc. is a team of dedicated professionals and para-professionals committed to providing quality residential supports for people who face developmental and physical challenges which require assistance for their daily living.

Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for your adult child; we believe all people have value and should always be treated with complete respect and dignity and without bias.

Everyone has the right to live in an environment that is healthy and safe. Our charge is to assure those rights are upheld and utilize proven systems to facilitate growth.


At Chrysalis, the interests of your adult child come first; and our policy is to treat everyone equally and fairly.

This includes no discrimination based on culture, age, gender, socioeconomic status, language, disabilities, preferences or religion. In addition Chrysalis is committed to:

    • Respecting the rights and views of all persons/agencies working with us in the supports of or clients
    • Maintaining a confidential environment
    • Keeping sound work standards that do not tolerate any form or fraud; All suspected fraud will be thoroughly and completely investigated
    • Being advocates in both voice and action for our clients
    • Evaluating our personal limitations, strengths, biases and effectiveness on a regular basis for self-improvement
    • Respecting the organizations we sub-contract, as well as all State and Federal agencies that oversee our supports
    • Upholding all standards required and requested of our team